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How Moveboxer Gets You Ready to Sell Your Home and Move

By Alyssa Howard, The process of undertaking a move is certainly daunting. Moveboxer is here to allow you to stare down the eye of the storm and make your relocation as successful as possible. Doing your move through Moveboxer means access to a (free!) relocation specialist, who will take you every step of the […]

Why the Moveboxer Personal Relocation Service Works

Written by Marina Vernovsky, Moveboxer makes moving easier. Moveboxer has created an online platform that effectively wraps up the moving process into a few tabs . The new layout is efficient, and pretty much everything you would need is visible right there on the homepage when you log in. From the moment you sign […]

Moveboxer launches first-ever personal relocation platform

Written By Jennifer Morehead, We’re so thrilled to announce that Moveboxer is different. We have launched the first-ever personal relocation platform. Woohoo! It’s Moveboxer version 2.0!! So, what does personal relocation platform mean? Well, now when you come to Moveboxer, we’ll instantly give you up to three reputable movers, Yelp reviews for those movers, […]