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Tips on Moving and Going Back to School

By Alyssa Howard, Gearing the kids up for another year of school is already challenging enough without adding in the heavy lifting of moving, but sometimes you’ll be forced to pack up right before the little ones get ready to board the big, yellow bus. To lift some of the pressure off your back-to-school […]

7 Packing Tips to Make Your Big Move with Kids Stress-Free

By Damon Adkins Damon is a social media expert and entertainment enthusiast. He studied digital journalism on the West Coast and settled in the bay area with his family. Moving day is stressful enough. However, add in children and you could potentially have a bad time packing and moving. Preparing well can make a big […]

Swimming in a Sea of Cardboard

By Alyssa Howard Moving is a period in your life during which cardboard and duct tape combine to be involved in a greater portion of your time than you’d like to conceptualize. But under the ocean of bubble wrap and packing materials, it’s important to discern a method to the madness. That’s why I thought […]