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Why the Moveboxer Personal Relocation Service Works

Written by Marina Vernovsky, Moveboxer makes moving easier. Moveboxer has created an online platform that effectively wraps up the moving process into a few tabs . The new layout is efficient, and pretty much everything you would need is visible right there on the homepage when you log in. From the moment you sign […]

Moveboxer launches first-ever personal relocation platform

Written By Jennifer Morehead, We’re so thrilled to announce that Moveboxer is different. We have launched the first-ever personal relocation platform. Woohoo! It’s Moveboxer version 2.0!! So, what does personal relocation platform mean? Well, now when you come to Moveboxer, we’ll instantly give you up to three reputable movers, Yelp reviews for those movers, […]

Hurricane Sandy and Its Aftermath

Written by Mary Davis, We are thinking of all our friends and family on the East Coast who are coming out of their homes and surveying the damages today. We hope you all are okay and we are so profoundly sorry for any losses you might have suffered. So much of the damage from […]

Finding Your Dream Home

By Alyssa Howard It’s funny which things your brain lets you retain from younger years. For me, a peculiar but distinct memory I have is an assignment to sketch out a dream home in fifth grade for language arts. In mine – the shaky pencil markings of an eleven-year-old who would go on to be […]

Making the Perfect Moving Music Playlist

By Alyssa Howard The right jams can set the tone for any major life moment. And if you’re like us, you’re still waiting for the day you can have your own theme song, like this one. But because “The Final Countdown” is actually not appropriate for every occasion, we thought we’d clue you in on […]

Top 5 Fictional Real Estate Listings

By Alyssa Howard Whether you’re into nature-inspired trappings, romantic castles or futuristic, floating apartments, you can’t disagree that it would be awesome to live in the home of your favorite character. Regardless of how much you like your new pad, these are some hard abodes to top. Moveboxer brings you the best homes illustrators, directors […]