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From a Mom Moving with Moveboxer

By Marina Vernovsky, (taken from various experiences of working with moms using Moveboxer) Moveboxer has been such a blessing! I would not have known where to even begin, and then I was told to look it up. I was a little apprehensive at first, because I didn’t know what to expect, but when I […]

Make it Easy to Cancel Your Utilities

Written by Marina Vernovsky, With everything else that you have on your plate, utilities can easily slip under your radar. However, cancelling your utilities, and doing so on time, will be to your benefit. Working with the companies that equip your home can be chaotic, especially when you are juggling multiple companies at once. […]

Why Does Moving Stress Everyone Out?

Written by Marina Vernovsky, Nobody, it seems, escapes the stress of moving. When you are moving, whether it is everyone else’s dependence on you, or the long, arduous road ahead, it is ultimately up to you to try and understand why you are stressed out, and how to combat that. Here is a comprehensive […]

5 Things to Remember When Doing a Long Distance Move

By Alyssa Howard Long distance moves can be a total pain. From the outset, it can seem daunting — maybe even impossible — to put together a workable to-do list that will help you get it all done. Between the preparation, actual move itself and settling into the new house, there’s a lot to remember. […]

Making the Perfect Moving Music Playlist

By Alyssa Howard The right jams can set the tone for any major life moment. And if you’re like us, you’re still waiting for the day you can have your own theme song, like this one. But because “The Final Countdown” is actually not appropriate for every occasion, we thought we’d clue you in on […]

Top 5 Fictional Real Estate Listings

By Alyssa Howard Whether you’re into nature-inspired trappings, romantic castles or futuristic, floating apartments, you can’t disagree that it would be awesome to live in the home of your favorite character. Regardless of how much you like your new pad, these are some hard abodes to top. Moveboxer brings you the best homes illustrators, directors […]

Viewing Moving as an Opportunity

By Alyssa Howard It always amazes me how differently people react to the same situation. There are those who thrive on change and fear stagnation and sameness (guilty!) and those who prefer life within a specific routine down to packing the same turkey, lettuce and tomato sandwich for the last ten years. So, it’s unlikely […]