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Win $150 at Twitter Packing Party on 5/13/14 at 2 pm CST

We’re having a Twitter Packing Party tomorrow at 2 pm CST and would love to have you all join in. We’re going to be at #moveboxerpacking and will be handing out $150 in cash giveaways throughout the party. We’ll be sharing good information about packing and moving but will also be talking about home design […]

A Moveboxer Testimonial from the Boxes that Know Moving Best

Check out this hysterical and fantastic video that our friends at Tribeca Flashpoint Academy put together for us. We couldn’t be more excited and thankful for their great work. Check out this Moveboxer testimonial from the moving boxes that know moving best. Hear it straight from the source!

Moveboxer launches first-ever personal relocation platform

Written By Jennifer Morehead, We’re so thrilled to announce that Moveboxer is different. We have launched the first-ever personal relocation platform. Woohoo! It’s Moveboxer version 2.0!! So, what does personal relocation platform mean? Well, now when you come to Moveboxer, we’ll instantly give you up to three reputable movers, Yelp reviews for those movers, […]

Moveboxer Is Powering the Moving Resource Center for Years Ahead

Written by Mary Davis, We are so proud to announce that Moveboxer will be powering the moving resource center for Years Ahead. Years Ahead is a fantastic website and resource for families who are helping their beloved seniors transition to senior care facilities and general senior care options. Years Ahead is part of the […]

Movers Offered In Cities Throughout the U.S. By Moveboxer

Written by Mary Davis, We’re so excited here at Moveboxer. We started out as a site that just offered real, credible, vetted full-service movers. Now in a short period of time we’ve grown into a company that offers people full-service movers, self-service movers, storage, boxes, and home security for their new home. We pride […]

10 Must-have Moving essentials

By Aubrey Boone Whether you are moving across the street or across the country, it can be a very overwhelming process. First, you have to figure out how you are going to get your stuff to your new location. You have several options, such as hiring professionals or renting a moving truck and enlisting friends […]

Swimming in a Sea of Cardboard

By Alyssa Howard Moving is a period in your life during which cardboard and duct tape combine to be involved in a greater portion of your time than you’d like to conceptualize. But under the ocean of bubble wrap and packing materials, it’s important to discern a method to the madness. That’s why I thought […]