5 Celebrity Homes that are Bizarre

Blue glass house courtesy of http://bit.ly/1Kz0Ei8

Blue glass house courtesy of http://bit.ly/1Kz0Ei8

Every week, celebrity real estate is talking of who has sold a house, who wants to rent their home, and who has sold their house. This week, here @Moveboxer we want to give you a glimpse into some of the more bizarre/strange/delightful celebrity homes for your entertainment!

1. Nicholas Cage’s Haunted House

Though Cage no longer owns the home, since it was acquired during the time he was facing tax issues, he did own the haunted house prior to 2007. The home is located in New Orleans, Louisiana and has been dubbed by many as the most haunted home in all of America. It was once the home of Madame Dephine LaLaurie, who had a reputation for torturing and murdering slaves.

2. An Underwater Tunnel for Sean Combs

Sean Combs aka Diddy, purchased a mansion in Holmby Hills in 2014 that had tons of features that included a wine room, steam room, massage room and an underwater tunnel that connects the pool to a grotto.

3. Drake Has it All in His Estate

Within the home that Drake has in California that was once titled the YOLO Estate, though the sign kept getting stolen, there are several amenities that make it interesting. Not only does Drake have an Olympic size pool, but there is an 80 foot water slide, mechanical bull, a statue of a giraffe and a secret entrance into his bedroom.

4. A Bomb Home for Jared Letto

Jared Letto purchased a home in California that was once the sight for a secret film unit that was headed by the US military. The home was purchased relatively cheap for around $5 million.

5. Candy Lovers would Love Markus Persson’s Home

Markus Persson, the developer of Minecraft, purchased a home in Beverly Hills that has 23,000 square feet. But, what most people don’t realize, is that in this expansive home is a room completely devoted to candy. There are tons of candies and dispensers mounted to the wall…a dream for those with a real sweet tooth!


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