NYC Get Ready! Queen Elizabeth Purchases NYC Apartment

nations plaza

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Update: New information has been released, stating that Queen Elizabeth did not purchase the home in New York. Instead, the government of New Zealand has purchased the property, intending for this to be used by their top diplomat who makes frequent trips to New York. The confusion over who purchased the property is being contributed to the contract that was signed by “Her Majesty the Queen”, leaving many news outlets to assume it was Queen Elizabeth. However, the New Zealand government released a statement explaining this was common language when referring to the government body who purchased the property.

The Internet was abuzz the past few days as it has been said that Queen Elizabeth has purchased a home in the Big Apple. According to the news, Buckingham Palace is set to get a few details about it changed, some repairs made and the like. All of which will require that Queen Elizabeth not be present in the palace at the time. It was not too long after this news, that it was announced she purchased a New York City apartment.

According to sources, the Queen paid $8 million dollars for the 3 bedroom apartment that is located in the U.N. Plaza. The apartment also has 3.5 bathrooms and is located on the 18th floor of the building. The building was designed by Norman Foster and was meant to have a modern feel to it, which it most definitely does.

What many want to know is just why Queen Elizabeth chose this apartment to live in within New York City? The apartment has some features about it that should make the royal family feel at home, including the 50 foot long dining room and grand foyer, the private motor court, a garden, the private entry into the building, and the like. All of which are decadent and would make anyone feel at home. However, interestingly, Norman Foster was knighted by the Queen in 1990, so perhaps it was just a way to show her support for a knighted gentlemen. Either way, the apartment is sure going to be a great get away for Queen Elizabeth when she decides to visit New York City.


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