New Magical Home for Michelle Williams

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Picture courtesy of

Michelle Williams sold her home in Boerum Hill for $8.8 million, which was over her asking price by around 17%. The entire Hollywood community wondered where in the world Williams would be moving to with her daughter, and it turns out she has purchased a home in the Prospect Park South area, if the rumors circulating are to be true.

The home is much different from what Williams sold on the market, as it is a Colonial Revival home located on Albemarle Road, and is approximately 114 years old. A home with this amount of age definitely has some issues about it, all of which Williams will more than likely turn into a way to showcase her individual taste.

To look at the home, you automatically think of “Gone with the Wind”, as it has a two story front porch with large columns surrounding it. The house has a total of 8 bedrooms, and 6 bathrooms, and was listed at an asking price of $2.45 million. Throughout the home are dark hardwood floors, as well as carpeted floors that are reminiscent of the late 70’s. Fireplaces are located throughout the house, making for a warm and homey feel. The spiral stair case is also a huge seller for this home. After redecorating, the home will be more modern and more William’s style in no time.


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