Manny Pacquiao Relists Hancock Park Home

Picture courtesy of

Picture courtesy of

Manny “Pac-Man” Pacquiao, known for being involved in the “The Fight of the Century”, only to lose to Floyd Maywheather Jr., has put his LA home back onto the market. The home was on the market during 2014, however, never sold and was taken off the listings. Now, Pacquiao has relisted this home for $2.7 million, the same price it was listed at the beginning of August in 2013.

The home is a Mediterranean style villa with 5 bedrooms. On the exterior of the home it has all the curb appeal that a Mediterranean home is expected to have with the clay tile roof, balconies and the use of stucco façade. However, upon stepping into the interior, you can see that Pacquiao did his best to modernize the home.

For those who follow Pacquiao, this was the same home that appeared on an episode of MTV Cribs. Inside the home are floor to ceiling windows throughout the living room, along with wide planked hardwood floors. Go into the kitchen, which opens into the living room and there are quartz countertops, stainless steel appliances and ample room to cook a fantastic dinner or host a dinner party.

The entire house is decorated much the same, however, most people would agree that the knockout room is the master bathroom. This bathroom has a walk in shower, soaking tub, and almost reminds a person of being in a spa.

Hopefully, Pacquiao will be able to find a buyer this time around, as the home is a gorgeous piece of real estate in Hancock Park.


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